Frequently Asked Questions About  Jubilee

Jubilee Gymnastics Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Annual Enrollment Fee  -  $65, (1 child) $100 (2 children) or $125 (3 or more).

Includes Jubilee Leotard (girls) Jubilee Ninja T-shirt (boys) Membership gift, discounts on Open Gyms and Special Events.

*After April 1st, Enrollment Fee is half price and does not include leotard or shirt.

Monthly Tuition: We regularly review our price structure and are subject to change if needed. (All classes are 1x a week unless stated otherwise) 

$55   Mommy and Me: “RolyPoly” (18 months - turning 3 yrs) 40 min class

$65   Preschool: “Jitterbug" (45 min), "Tumbleweed" (50 min), "Firefly” (3-5 yr olds Invitation Only Class) 55 min class

$69   Beginner 1,2,3, Intermediate 1,2, Advanced Recreational Gymnastics, Floor Tumbling, Cheer/Gym and Cheer Tumbling. (ages 5 and up, 55 min class.) 

$69   Ninja Fit Coed Classes which builds obstacle strength, technique, balance, agility and basic tumbling (55min class)

$84   Beginner/Intermediate Longer Class - 85 Min Class.  

$125 - $209 PreTeam/Team depending on practice hours/week. 2-3 days/week

$59     Homeschool Program Classes (Preschool, Rec Gymnastics, Ninjafit)   $47 Homeschool Siblings

How do we pay?

We operate on a monthly billing schedule, so if you are paying month to month, we require that you have a credit/debit card on file.  Your payment will be billed to your account each month and automatically deducted from your account on a certain day. (Spring 2017 it will be the 1st of the month) If you would like to pay for another method, you would have one week from the 1st to do so.  Late Fee or CC Decline Fee: $25. 

I want to enroll my kids in gymnastics. What should I do?

2 Ways:

1. Visit our website and click the Parent Portal” button in the top right corner you must have a family account created and then you can enroll your student in any open class. The number of openings left in the class is shown.

2. Come into the gym and use one of our Tablets to create your account, agree to waivers, etc. Once that is done, the front desk attendant can help you find a class to fit your needs. 

How do I know which class to register my child for?

There are Class descriptions on the website that will help you choose. If your student has previous gymnastics experience and needs a skill evaluation, we can schedule those on Tuesday evenings.  

What if all the classes are full? 

If you do not find a class day/time that fits your schedule with an opening, you can place them on the waitlist through the Parent Portal. However, you MUST have a card on file to do that. We will not charge anything at that time and will contact you when a spot becomes available.

What if we miss a Class, is there a Make-Up? 

As a courtesy, we allow one make-up per month. However, you MUST contact the office BEFORE your child's scheduled class to inform them of your child not attending to receive a make-up class.  Email is the preferred method of a missed class communication.  

  • Pre-School Classes (all except RolyPoly) WILL also have their own Saturday Make Up Class.  
  • (Preschool, Beginner Levels, Ninjafit and above) ** You must pre-register for a Saturday make-up class through the Portal for the correct age group class. 
  • Make-ups do not accumulate and cannot be used to discount tuition.
  • We will not offer make-up classes for missed make-up classes.
  • No credits or refunds will be given for classes not made up.
  • 1 missed class make upper 30 day period (not per month).
  • The make-up policy applies to any reason for needing to miss a class. 

Do you have a military discount?

Yes - 50% off Annual Enrollment Fee

Do you have any discounts?  Yes.

Sibling discount is $5 off 2nd child, $10 off third child per month.

Multi-Class Discount 10% off a second class per week.

Pay ahead: Semester: 4-5 months - 5% discount

School Year: 9 months - 10% discount (must be done in Aug)

They can choose these options on the Parent Portal when selecting how they want to pay.

 What should I do to get most of his/her enrollment?

Sometimes in class, usually with the older kids, we may give a particular skill or drill they can practice at home. Overall sit-ups, crunches and basic fitness exercises, push ups and pull ups are great reinforcers and ways to build strength.  

Do you have an after-school program?  No

Where is the Class Schedule?  The schedule is listed online in real time a list of classes in the Parent Portal. You don’t have to create an account to take a look at the class days/times and prices.  There is a quick link to it also on the top of the Classes Tab Page

What do you do generally in a class?

A class consists of a warm-up appropriate for the age and skill level of the class. Then we move on to our events, which we do often do circuit style courses where the kids are constantly working from station to station, whether on bars, beam, floor, vault/Tumble Trak and hardly spend any time waiting in line.  We pack a lot in their class time!  Some of our younger age group classes end with a fun song or activity to close out the class.

Do you give private lessons?

Yes, we have Private Lessons available for

$30/half hour or $60 for an hour. Please call or see the front desk to schedule a private.  

Can I pay cash? Do you have a discount for that? Absolutely you can pay cash. We don’t have a discount for that.

When is the best time to talk to someone or coaches in person?

We leave 5 minutes at the end of each class for coaches to speak with parents to give and receive feedback. If you would like to speak to them at a longer length, just tell our front desk person or call the gym number to set that up.

What’s the best way to contact you guys?

Email:; Phone: 813-863-1168, or FB message: ; Come on by 89 7th Ave NE, Ruskin, FL 33570 !

Who’s the owner? What’s the story of this gym?

Jubilee Gymnastics is owned by Marybeth Wang and run by herself her husband Chen and an amazing staff of qualified coaches. Marybeth is a former competitive gymnast, experienced coach, mother of 2 boys, and current American Ninja Warrior competitor. She has a passion for giving the next generation a solid foundation of fitness and character through gymnastics.  

What credentials do you have?

Marybeth is a USAGymnastics Instructor and Professional Member.  She is also  USAG Safety Certified and background checked.   I have will be taking my staff through the training as well as making sure we all have First Aid and CPR classes/certification.

What’s the difference or uniqueness between your gym and other gyms around?

We are committed to providing a family-friendly environment for our students and staff. Our goal is the development of character and skills within a safe place for all. Our focus on quality ensures smaller class sizes for that personal touch that each child deserves.  

What’s the dress code?


Girls: Leotards are preferred but not mandatory. Kids are gonna be upside down a lot, shirts don't stay tucked in, and they are safer for spotting the kids. Shorts or leggings may be worn over leotards. Barefoot and Hair tied back out of eyes. 

Boys: wear loose-fitting shirts and shorts or pants with elastic waistbands. No jeans or pants with buttons or zippers. Barefoot.

Where can I find more information about your gym?

Website: or our Facebook Page.

Do you have a competitive team?

Yes, we have started an AAU competitive team in January 2016. Currently, we offer  Level 2, 3 and Xcel Silver and Gold.  If you are interested, you would need to speak with Brandi or one of our Team Coaches. 

Do you have a group discount?

If you are interested in booking a group Playdate, Field Trip or Open Gym time, please contact us to schedule an event.  Group discounts can be discussed case by case.

When/what is your open gym?

Open gym is a way for your kids to experience gymnastic exercises and have fun with real gymnastics equipment without any class obligations. Our current times are Friday mornings 11:00 - 12:15 for Preschool Age and Saturday Nights once/twice a month for older kids 5 and up.

Parents are required to supervise their child during the Preschool Open Gym.  


Do you have birthday party venues?

Yes we offer Birthday Parties 2 weekends a month. See the Parent Portal for Booking Options and Dates.

What’s the rate for parties?

Packages starting at $225. We have gymnastics and Ninja Warrior Parties.

Can kids eat food in the gym?

No. Kids cannot bring food in the gym equipment area. However, people can have snacks in the lobby area.   

I need to talk to the manager here for some complaints. Who’s the manager (when MB is not at the gym)?  

First: Vanessa; Second: Brandi

Where can I submit my comments?

If you’d like to talk in person, please talk to Vanessa or MaryBeth. If you are more comfortable write to us, you can send emails to or

What’s the address of this gym?

89 7th Ave NE, Ruskin, FL 33570