Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is performed on the floor and includes the use of  handheld apparatus. The four apparatus that are used are: ribbon, hoop, clubs and ball. Each routine is set to music and combines ballet, dance, balance, flexibility, acro, leaps and turns, all while keeping the apparatus in continual movement. The uniqueness of Rhythmic Gymnastics is the combination of musical interpretation and artistic expression with athleticism. Rhythmic gymnasts are athletes possessing strength, speed, skill and incredible flexibility, but are also artists displaying grace and beauty through their movement and expression.

Our rhythmic program at Jubilee includes recreational and competitive programs for girls from three years old to eighteen years old. Please see the parent portal for available classes for girls new to the sport. If you have previous experience with rhythmic gymnastics, please call the gym to set up an evaluation with our head coach for proper placement.

We have ongoing registration - you can join in at any time!

Check our Parent Portal for current class times, openings and monthly tuition.