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Boys Gymnastics

Boys Gymnastics 3 – 5 yrs – This 45 min “big boy” class is designed for preschool boys giving them an introduction to the 6 main events included in men’s gymnastics; floor, vault, parallel bars, high bar, mushroom/ pommel horse and the rings.  

Boys Gymnastics 5 – 6 yrs – This 55 min class is for boys who are new to men’s gymnastics. It includes practice on all 6 events and works on the strength and flexibility needed to become well rounded athletes.                 

Boys Gymnastics 6 & up – This 85 min class is designed for various level boys who are ready to be challenged with the longer class time.  

Intermediate/Advanced Boys – This 55 min class is designed as a second day for boys who are ready to be challenged and work toward a competitive path in gymnastics. Invitation only class. 

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